…sometime it’s just sand, shells and sunset


When the silver sky fades in to darkness
Through the orange twilight,
It is solace for those tired souls who sweated,
Through the hard day fighting for survival.
“It‘s a beauteous evening calm and free”,
For poets in their poetic spree.
For some it is just another end of day
and for some it‘s a wait for a new beginning.Sand Shells Sunset
It’s cooling down.  It’s tranquillity.
It’s just that wonderful moment,
To be captured on the celluloid.
It’s just that time to light up the streets.
It’s just the time to fly back home,
The time for serene retreat.
It’s the time to feel one
When the mighty blazing sun above sinks into the earth,
Cool, calm, composed in the lovely red… SUNSET.
It means a whole lot,
For different times a different thought.
Just like at times it means nothing but
Happiness within Sand, Shells and Sunset.


My World Through My Window

My World Through My Window

My World Through My Window

My world through my window –
I see a mouthful of sky,
I see the lighted azure color
When somewhere around, the sun rise.
My sky turns dark,
When the sun goes down.
And at times,
Handful of stars shines around,
They say the moon shines behind
Where the river flows,
I see the mighty mountain stands out
With the moonlit glow.
They say my world misses the solitude
Of the full moon night,
And the calm serenity
Of the sun rise.
I witness the tiny stars in my night sky,
The melody fades the isolation
When they twinkle high.
I see my sky tinted with the red dawn,
I know the tranquil sun will soon show its brawn.
I see a part of the monsoon,
With the clattering of raindrops.
They say my world miss,
the rainbow the other side,
I see the coalesced greens
Fresh and beaming after the showers
Breathing life into the world for endless hours
I see little out of the lot,
I miss the dazzle of the impressive naught.
My world just a part of the colossal world,
I live in it unaware of the changing twirls.

दोस्ती और यादें


तू जहाँ , जहाँ तेरी सोच

में वही , वही मुझे खोंज

मिल जाऊं में तो दो बातें करना,

नहीं मिलू तो मेरी यादों को ना छोड़ना |


दो पल ज़िंदेगी की बिताए थे

जो हम मिलके साथ,

वोही पल बन गया आज

तन्हाइयों का याद |


जो तनहाईयाँ है तुम्हारी

वहीँ है मेरा सूनापन,

चल रहे है हम जिस राह पे अब

वहीँ कहीं पीछे पढ़ा है बचपन |


वहीँ कही अभी भी

खेल रहे है हम होली,

लाल काला हरा पीला

मुंह पे बनाए रंगोली |


छूट गया है रंग

और वो दोस्ती का त्योहार,

वो कभी ना ख़तम होने वाली मस्ती

वो ढेर सारा प्यार |


यारों की टोली टूटी धीरे धीरे

रिश्ते गये बिखरते समय के साथ

दोस्त गये बिछड़ते धीरे धीरे

रह गया तो सिर्फ़ उन पलों का याद |


उन्ही यादों की गलियों में

अब्भी तू है और तेरा सोच

में भी वहीँ कहीं हूँ छुपी

वहीँ मुझे खोंज …


[My first Hindi write up. Just a little try. Dedicating this to one of my most loving friend Jogi. Wrote this while one of our FaceBook chats. And with this I even want to wish Tinni, Nondo, Jeet, Ritu for the Best HOLI(s) which we had celebrated together … ]

Happy Independence Day


Flag hoisting…  Patriotic Songs… Tiranga Colors… Laddus… and wholesome of patriotic feelings…

Past were the days when 15th August meant all these to me.

From past few years it’s nothing more than a holiday with a little more sleep. No snoozing Alarm. And I wake up to my freedom when the sleep and the dreams are complete. So was this year too. A warm Lazy day which started late and then a good bath and lunch and fidgeting with the TV remote for some time…

Too much of Laziness when started boring me, I took few steps to go and stand in the balcony. Tropical Afternoon.  Empty, silent lane. When I spotted three little school girls wearing white saris and their hair tied in plaits with saffron ribbons just passed by chattering happiness. I traced them moving my head left to right till they were out of sight. I kept looking at nothing as such I suppose when I remembered  the status my brother posted two days back in face book –

Do NOT grow up, it’s a trap!!!

A glance of Independent India

A glance of Independent India I clicked while I was in my balcony passing time

Sweet Dream


Twilight at the seashore … 

The distinct horizon seemed so peaceful…so red… I felt beside me it was him. I was hurt. I was scared. To look and see if it was true what I felt. I was scared to be wrong… I continued staring towards the horizon… the calm colors of the twilight stayed on soothing my eyes…

Will it be dark soon? Or a bright morning will shine? Incomprehensible it was.

I wished the moment could stop and it did, leaving me with the feeling of eternity with him.

In the silence of the soothing sounds of the waves washing on the shore I could distinctly feel him breath. How I adored the warmth of his breathe in the air. How I realized the sweetest aroma of life is LIFE. I was lost in the musical fragrance of the moment when I trembled at the fact of his touch when he held me around with his arms. I was scared no more. All the fear of him not to be, faded away when I looked at him smiling. The smile I missed for perpetuity.

Nothing has changed. Neither the smile nor him. He keeps his promise as I always said he should not change for I never wanted to see him change. I wanted him to be just as he was handsome forever.  He says I changed. I have grown a little older than last time and that’s what he wanted to see, me changing with time. He loves the single grey hair of mine playing peek-a-boo among the waves of black youth. He says he loves to see me getting a little older every day. Living life. And only that could make him smile forever. 

With the smile I closed my eyes to unwind my exhausted self from the search of lost. I felt the warm tears of joy to get back which I thought was once lost forever.  I knew he was holding me and will never let go of me.

Will it be dark soon? Or a bright morning will shine? Nothing bothered me. I felt life.

I opened my eyes only to search him forever. I want to see him grow old. I want him to live.

And I don’t want Sweet dreams.

when the sky smiled blue …


The morning alarm of my mobile kept snoozing for a long time. But it didn’t feel like morning because my room was still dark. A feeling of technical malfunctioning of my mobile device I thought. Or else the silk window curtains of my room never betray me from feeling the first sun rays of the day to wake me up for a new instance of a continued routine. Yet it kept snoozing confidently with the coarse hateful alarm tone.

I turned to check the wall clock and it supported the snoozing cell phone of mine. Got myself up till the window and looked out. Yes a Morning it was – A Morning without the Sunrays. The dark clouds covered the sky and heavy shower blocking the view of the other end … standing near the window I could feel the splash of the rain drops too on my hands holding the window grill.

It’s no monsoon now. Autumn it is, yet such an unnatural morning for the season. Felt like breaking the routine. The office hours passed and I never got myself geared up for another working day. Sat reading a half read murder mystery to finish. An hour or two later, the rain stopped. The shower had shaded of all the dull greys from the sky. It was bright autumn day once again. The sky from my little window looked smiling with blue, the sun rays painting the white clouds golden at parts.

All I could do to feel one with the vista was to frame them along with every hours passing by with my camera clicks…

Image  Image